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We provide informative workshops on a variety of topics. These workshops and seminars are offered in a variety of formats, and may include full-day, half-day, or shorter formats. Please contact us for details on how we can best meet your needs.

Here are some of our Workshop overviews:


  1. Assertiveness Skills

    Assertiveness is an integral part of effective communication. This workshop will help you distinguish among assertive, aggressive and passive behaviors. You will learn how to stand up for yourself and your rights, needs and opinions while respecting the rights, needs and opinions of others. You will practice giving effective feedback as well as managing your own defensiveness when receiving feedback from others. This interactive workshop will provide you with opportunities to practice your skills and develop confidence in dealing with difficult situations and individuals.

  2. Conflict Management

    We often feel most challenged in our professional and personal lives when we have to deal with conflict. This workshop will help you understand the dynamics of conflict, analyze your own conflict management style, and learn a collaborative, constructive approach in managing conflict. You will learn skills for managing your emotions, communicating effectively, and steps to take in resolving conflict and achieving a win-win resolution.

  3. Coping With Change

    Change has become the norm in the workplace today, forcing individuals to adapt on an ongoing basis. If handled well by organizations and individuals, change may be stimulating and exciting. However, it can also feel stressful and threatening. This workshop will help you identify and develop internal and external resources for coping with change, contributing to your personal growth and career development.

  4. Valuing Diversity in the Workplace

    The Canadian workforce of the 21st century is much more diverse than it was fifty years ago. This presents both challenges and opportunities. In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of the strategic importance of diversity and why it is becoming more important every day. You will learn what it means to value diversity and how to develop successful relationships with diverse others.

  5. Coping with Job Loss

    Losing your job can trigger a similar reaction to losing a family member or close friend. Your initial response may be one of shock and disbelief, followed by sadness, anger, anxiety and loss of self-confidence. If these emotions are not dealt with effectively, depression can follow. Apart from the impact these emotions can have on your psychological and physical well-being, they can also hinder your ability to conduct an effective job search or make a positive impression at job interviews. This workshop will provide you with an understanding of your emotional responses and the tools to help you work through them.

  6. Cross-Cultural Communication

    We live in a multicultural society where our neighbors and coworkers come from all parts of the globe. Differences in values, customs, and language may lead to misunderstandings and difficulties in communication. This workshop will provide you with tools to build bridges to better understanding, both linguistically and culturally. You will learn to listen and express yourself with people who have difficulty communicating in English, and recognize the non-verbal and cultural values which are imbedded in the messages.

  7. Entrepreneurial Options for Job Hunters

    Looking for a job many not be your only option. Self-employment may be a way to create income form skills you already have. This workshop discusses key things to look at in assessing the opportunity, starting the business, marketing it, managing customer relations, and doing your accounting. Guerilla financing options are covered, as well as an overview of inexpensive ways to market yourself

  8. Internet Job Search Skills

    These days, internet job search skills are key to reaching as many potential employers while filtering to find the most suitable jobs and employers. Posting resumes in various jobs boards can also speed the job search process, and using the right words and the right website design can improve your changes of being found, short-listed and interviewed.

  9. Life-Work Balance

    Despite the bold predictions of futurists thirty years ago, technology has not shortened our work week - in fact, people are working longer hours than ever. We do more and have more than ever before. Yet, the quality of life for many individuals has suffered as they find themselves increasingly challenged to have fulfilling personal and family lives. This workshop will help you identify your values and priorities, what you can and cannot control, and steps for achieving greater balance in your life.

  10. Making Change Happen, The Strategic Presentation Of Yourself

    Audiences always appreciate the usefull infrmation gained from our workshops and seminars This one- or two-day workshop assists professionals in making a career change to advance their careers, whether by internal promotion, a new position with another employer or taking an entrepreneurial approach. It focuses on teaching participants how to market or sell themselves as upper 5% members of their peer group.

    You learn that you can't change your past, but you can change how you communicate it. You will learn that job changing success depends 80% on personal marketing skills and 20% on background and ability. You will learn the rules and the sophisticated process that you can employ to sell yourself and even control both the interviewing and referencing processes, as examples. You will learn how to control the pace and direction of interviews and become proficient at projecting an appropriate image.

    This will also include the production of personal marketing documents such as resumes, profiles and letters, you will learn what search firms and agencies want to know from your resume and what they want to know about you, you will learn to perform better in psychological testing, how to tell SODAR & STAR Stories, the five different types of interviews and different styles. The workshop will also include extensive interview role-play, dealing with issues such as being young and inexperienced, being too old, having experience which is narrow, and needing to change careers.

  11. Marketing Yourself in Today's Economy

    To be a successful job seeker in tough economic times requires a range of strategies - simply sending your resume off to prospective employers is not enough. It is estimated that up to 80% of jobs are never advertised. So how do you get these jobs? Through the power of personal connections, in other words, networking. Many people have a limited understanding of what networking is and how to do it. This workshop will help you understand what effective networking means, help you identify people who can assist you in your job search, develop a larger network, and overcome any personal challenges you may have in utilizing your network.

  12. Stress Management

    Stress can have profound effects on our psychological, emotional and physical well-being. The mantra of the times seems to be "do more with less." The challenges are compounded as we strive to balance our work lives with our personal lives. This workshop will help you understand stress and its effects and develop strategies for self-care. Stress will be analyzed within a problem-solving framework, helping you apply strategies to reduce stress for your particular situation.

  13. Team Building

    More and more, organizations emphasize the importance of teamwork in the workplace today. Learn about typical barriers to effective teamwork and how to overcome them. Participants in this workshop will utilize the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory to find out more about themselves and their team members, learn about their own strengths and potential areas of conflict and how to be more effective and productive team members.

  14. The Power of Positive Thinking

    Is your glass half-empty or half-full? Your attitude is a key factor in your success and happiness in life. It is not the challenges in your life which determine your well-being, but how you respond to your challenges. Positive thinking helps increase your motivation, self-confidence, determination and persistence. It helps you set goals and overcome challenges in achieving your goals. In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of the power of both negative and positive thinking, learn to identify your negative thought patterns, and replace them with more realistic and positive ways of thinking.

  15. Web Marketing 101

    For those serious about starting their own business, there are many ways to reach you audience, and the internet is fast becoming the most effective, and generally also the most affordable way to doing so. This workshop gives an overview of web design fundamentials (enough to communicate with a web designer in a knowledgeable and meaningful way), and looks pseudo website like blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, as well as web marketing basics. Email marketing is also discussed, and how to legitimately get around "spam" rules and filters.

  16. Workplace Harassment

    Employers today are increasingly sensitive to inappropriate behaviors in the workplace. Harassment charges can result in serious consequences for both the accuser and accused, and sometimes for other workers and the employer as well. Harassment may be the result of malicious intent or lack of understanding. This workshop will help you understand what constitutes harassment, its effects, and responsibilities of workers and employers to address harassment in all its forms.

We can also mix & match these to create a customized training program. Please call us book a workshop.

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