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Executive Search and Recruitment Support

Advantage Tech Inc. offers a highly customized Executive Search and In-house Recruiting Support Service (see Management Assessment Tools). Its Search Service focuses on those individuals at Senior Management or higher levels, including Equivalent Employees on a Technical Ladder (for example in the geosciences). These are people who will have the largest impact on your company's strategy, policies, market impact and profitability. We not only utilize the traditional relationships, but the latest Internet technologies, as well as the time-tested and industry standard management assessment tools, to find, qualify and present the highest caliber candidate to add to your organization. We are strictly retainer-based, but will invoice our Second Retainer upon submission of Short List and invoice a Final Retainer when an offer has been accepted.

Synoptic report

The Advantage Tech Synoptic provides a very cost-effective and compact but highly informative view of the candidate's actual abilities, other strengths, and potential, and importantly for interviewing generates questions about possible gaps in the candidate's suitability to the role. By identifying these issues early in the process, the recruiter gains additional insight into the candidate's actual capacity and potential, and can more confidently create the short list. The Synoptic is written by a Registered Psychologist and based on advanced psychological instruments not available to non-psychologists, unlike the inexact and sometimes misleading computer-generated reports used by some search and recruiting firms.

Executive Development Report

The Advantage Tech Executive Development report provides managers and executives, and their organizations, with in-depth analysis of their abilities, skills, interpersonal capacities, potential, and areas in which they can enhance their capacities for leadership and performance. Most importantly, the detailed analysis includes extensive description of activities and specific resources that will contribute significantly to the individuals' development. Candidates receive extensive feedback regarding the results, prior to completion of the report, to enable them to make optimal use of the information they receive. The Executive Development report is prepared by a Registered Psychologist and is based on advanced measures available only to Psychologists, as well as an extensive interview.

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