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Management Assessment: Succession Management

"Succession Planning" and "Succession Management" are not just buzzwords. These terms reflect a very real and increasingly critical problem for all organizations. This is particularly true in a growing economy, when it can be difficult to find any manager to fill a role. Selecting the ideal manager is that much more difficult. The only realistic solution is to "grow your own".

Developing managers and executives within the organization is not as easy to accomplish as it was 20 or 30 years ago. At that time, most organizations had sufficient staff to allow promising candidates to work on projects on which they could prove themselves and develop needed managerial and problem-solving skills. In an era of much leaner corporate profiles, there is less opportunity to discover promising employees, and fewer means of evaluating them.

Nor is it sufficient to merely put together a plan. The essence of developing employees to be superior managers and executives lies in accurately evaluating both their potential and their developmental needs, on the one hand, and the developmental activities that will meet those needs. High-potential employees are typically expected to take the greatest responsibility for their own development, and their very busy superiors tend to have limited time available to mentor them and monitor their developmental activities and progress.

We provide the following to assist organizations with Succession Management:

Succession Planning/Management Continuity

Management Continuity is not only a process of assessment and inventory of existing top management talent, but it is, most importantly, a method of ensuring that each executive/senior management position is filled with a competent and appropriate candidate at all times. This involves not only optimal deployment of existing talent, given individual interest and abilities, but also involves development of talent to fill vacancies as they arise. This exercise must obviously be tied to the organization's corporate mission and business plans. Using this approach, the direction of the organization is made clear, and top management talent can be attracted to the challenge. It also provides the framework for the in-house development and motivation of the organization's human resources. Advantage tech Inc. understands this as it is made up of key individuals who have held senior management positions in major corporations during their professional careers.

In the Management Continuity Plans which we have helped develop for our clients, the following benefits have accrued: Increased personal involvement and commitment of the executive/senior management team, More effective integration of human resource planning and organizational strategies, operating procedures and safety policies, Improved selection and early identification of personnel possessing top management potential, as well as those more suited to the technical ladder, Increased emphasis on personal and career development programs geared to the personal requirements of each individual, and Most importantly, the effectiveness of the Management Continuity Plan has been proven in the bottom line in terms of productivity, effectiveness and in the corporate image in terms of safety and environmental responsibility.

While we have the capacity to manage the entire process for an organization, we choose not to do this independently. Rather, the activities and systems outlined above must be done in a full partnership, with the organization in the lead. What we offer are efficient and effective processes for evaluation and development, and highly insightful information regarding potential and progress. You ultimately gain tomorrow's leaders, knowing they will meet your needs, without having to sacrifice time better spent ensuring that they have a powerful organization worthy of their skills.

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