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Management Assessment: What We Provide

What Advantage Tech Manager and Executive Assessment provides. You need to know a great deal about any candidate who may become your next CFO, Operational VP, or General Manager. You need accurate and objective knowledge of such characteristics as style, interpersonal skills, ability, and decision-making skill. Many of the instruments we employ are restricted in their use to people with doctoral degrees in Psychology. They are powerful and sophisticated, and provide great insight into candidates and what motivates them. To give you the fullest picture of the candidate as he or she might look and function in the role, we employ these sophisticated instruments to measure:

The results are verified against each other and against extensive interview data, to ensure that you receive the most accurate evaluation possible.

As critical as the use of the right combination of instruments is the skill and experience of the Psychologist. With more than a dozen years of experience in assessment of managers and executives from three continents for a score of companies, Dr. Ellison has the ability to identify a candidate's real characteristics, and to explain them in a way that makes sense to you.

While it is important to you to know the candidate thoroughly, that knowledge is incomplete without knowledge and advice regarding how to assist the candidate to excel on your behalf. We provide extensive developmental feedback and recommended resources. Both you and the candidate will know what needs to be done, and who has the responsibility.

Our reports provide a strengths-based view of the candidate, including where those strengths become liabilities through misuse or over-use. Whatever the degree of fit between role and candidate, you will be told it. You will also know the candidate's succession potential, the most promising roles (as well as those to avoid), and what is required to achieve success in those roles.


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