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Why Outsource Your Human Resources Services?

"The Answer is simple...less headaches, exceptional results and reduced costs"

Samuel L. Travis, LL.M., CHRP
Chief Executive Officer

Advantage Tech Inc. provides a cost-effective outsourced HR peocess solution that integrates, reduces liability, and manages the systems and responsibilities involved with payroll, benefits, perquisites and human resource administration. Advantage Tech Inc. provides a complete Compensation Program involving industry salary surveys, program development and administrative implementation.

Advantage Tech Inc. will assist you from the design and development through to the management and execution of your Benefit Program. Additional assistance is available relating to Pension and Savings Plans as well as providing complete financial consulting to your entire staff.

We have developed a state-of-the-art computerized and internet-centric tools to deliver outsourced professional employer services efficiently without wasting work time. Generating mountains of paperwork is now a thing of the past, and employers and their staff will appreciate our user-friendly paper-free accessibility.

Why Companies Outsource Some HR Services

  • HR Admin consumes management time
  • Little or no in-house HR expertise
  • Backlogged HR paperwork
  • Processing accuracy concerns
  • Government departments breathing down your neck
  • Employees not engaged
  • Excessive staff turnover


Advantage Tech Inc works with Professional Employers Organization Canada ("PEO Canada") to provide a broad range of outsourced HR services. We provide an integrated solution that includes:

    Strategic HR Management Group Benefit Programs Payroll Management Employee Perks, and Value Added Services

Your Benefits:

Your organization benefits from outsourcing because it:

    Enables you to focus on your core business Provides administrative ease Increases corporate stability by reducing the impact of staff turnover Pooling of entire client base for competitive group benefit coverage and premium rates

We Help with:

    Flexible and scalable program to meet your company and employee needs Legislative compliance and risk management Strategic support, providing value beyond traditional human resources Attraction and retention tools Recruiting, hiring and termination assistance

We Provide:

    Team of specialized experts, reduces internal training and maintenance of knowledge Technology Established systems and processes Information management through employee database Electronic services Electronic reporting

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