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LinkedIn Blocked 21.6M Fake Accounts

LinkedIn blocked 21.6M fake accounts in first half of year

LinkedIn blocked 21.6M fake accounts in first half of year, as scrutiny of social media giants grows LinkedIn blocked or removed 21.6 million fake accounts on its platform from January to June of this year, a sign that the Microsoft-owned social network is actively fighting some of the same issues that have plagued Facebook, Twitter and others. In a blog…

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Marc Benioff, CEO Of Salesforce CBS NEWS eliminated gender pay gaps

In 1960 women made (on average) 60 cents for every dollar a man made, and 40 years later it was up to 70 cents, and very recently it's up to about 80 cents.  The last bit is very tough to completely solve. The World Economic Forum suggested it would take ONE HUNDRED YEARS... has managed to eliminate gender pay…

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What To Know About Employee Buyout Packages

What to know about employee buyout packages

TORONTO - What would you do if offered a voluntary severance package: celebrate, cry or crunch the numbers? Leaving a job can be an emotional experience, but it pays to remain calm and check out the options in a systematic way before making a decision. "What's right is going to be different for each person, depending on where they are…

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Getting Ready For That Interview

Getting ready for that Job Interview

This advice may differ slightly depending on the position you are applying for, if you are in sales, management, accounting, or other area, but provides a good checklist for FIVE THINGS to get ready prior to each job interview 1)    Research the company, the location, its products and services Find the company’s website and explore it well. Identify its products…

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A Bridge Too Far Photo

Next Step: Looking Better on LinkedIn. It’s NOT “A Bridge Too Far”

By Mark Ruthenberg, with Samuel L Travis LinkedIn is no longer the Holy Grail for those unemployed and looking for work. It has quickly transformed into a way of sizing up people at the office, evaluating clients and suppliers in the professional services field (and even competitors). Because of that, a sub-standard LinkedIn Profile can be both a career and a…

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Moneyball Movie Photo

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Up To Snuff??

By Mark Ruthenberg, with Samuel L Travis You may THINK YOU DON’T NEED a good LinkedIn profile, because “you have a job”. In that case, you are wrong! People are judging you and your company all the time, and assessing which group of people can provide the best products and service possible. They can very quickly compare and contrast online. IN SECONDS.…

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Downtown Calgary Palm Fronds

Time for a “Resume Reset”?

by: Mark Ruthenberg, Vice President & Samuel L Travis, CEO, Advantage Tech Inc Calgary’s economy is picking up steam, with oil & gas services companies starting to hire again and oil priced above $50 US. Oil & gas companies have a lot of deferred maintenance and well workovers, that have been held off during a tough economy, that need to be started soon. As…

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Chinook Arche Sculpture, At The CBE Headquarters

Downsizing, Terminations, Layoffs, Rightsizing; Its Tough To Be A Manager!

By Mark Ruthenberg I have always counselled that good managers are not born, they are made. That being a good manager is learning to do well those things that do not come naturally. Terminating employees as part of a downsizing, rightsizing or however you want to call it is very difficult and stressful; and certainly to do it well not something…

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