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To our foundation of core programs, we offer the following special features:

Advantage Tech uniquely offers counselling without charge to the employee’s family.

Career decisions affect the entire family process and, as such, family members need to have input into that decision as well as be able to have counselling themselves on returning to the work force or seeking a superior position.

We include Career Transition Counselling for the spouse of the employee AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

When one breadwinner in a family loses their job, managing the finances becomes a shared responsibility. We provide counselling for spouses wishing to return to work or re-enter the workforce.

We have superior Internet capabilities.

We provide a Password-Protected Website Client Area and have done so since 1997. This provides links to key jobs search & career transition resources, including several proprietary ones. This allows individuals to search for employment opportunities around the world and quickly see new opportunities as they arise.

Our researchers review 300 on-line job databases and other online resources. On-line information is constantly updated to provide the most current information.

There are hundreds of employment-related destinations on the Internet and new ones are added constantly, making it easy for job seekers to become overwhelmed with the choices, or be underwhelmed or confused by Google search results.

Our easy-to-use Job Search interface highlights the most relevant and productive sites in Canada and the US. Individuals may search for opportunities that best suit their needs: general lists, keyword searches, career disciplines, and geographic locations. We continuously monitor these resources to ensure that the best sites are readily available and easy to find.

Our Career Transition Professionals are leaders in Internet Marketing and Social Media tools to give clients a significant advantage in online job search and self-marketing techniques.

Our facilities are top notch.

Our facilities include access to close-by business centres which can provide job hunters a private room for making calls and phone pre-interviews (often the home environment is too noisy or too distracting) and, of course, high speed WiFi Internet access and colour printers.

Through our business centre network, we can book an office for our clients conveniently close to home.

Our clients always have access to our Private Client Area on our website to connect them to Advantage Tech’s Career Continuance Counselling Manual, Entrepreneurial Tests, and On-line Job Search databases.

We’ve had these Internet tools since 1997, to support clients across a broad geographic area and enable them to continue their career search from home, while on vacation, or when interviewing out-of-town.

All of our consultants are accessible for Skype video chat from anywhere in the world.

We provide leading edge technology with regard to career assessment and planning in our outplacement programs.

We utilize personal assessment tools (e.g. Myers Briggs; work style inventory, etc.) to identify and understand individuals’ strengths, weaknesses, work style preferences, career orientation, and employment capabilities.

We have secure access to an online suite of career assessments. The assessment suite consists of four unique and proprietary assessments designed for career development, including job performance, job fit, job satisfaction, social behaviors and working styles, and values.

We provide additional assessment tools to assist executives with their career transition process.

Advantage Tech provides extensive training and coaching in all aspects of communication as part of our standard program.

We help individuals develop confidence and competence in verbal and non-verbal communications, establishing and maintaining rapport, effective telephone skills, making cold calls, and networking strategies.

We teach them to market themselves effectively and get their resumes and their personal presence into the “Upper Five Percent”.

Interview Techniques and Interview Questions & Answers are covered. Advantage Tech also provides counselling on how to effectively work with Search professionals.

Our lead consultants are senior professionals and successful business people.

They have 35 years of extensive career transition experience and are very sensitive to the initial and longer-term needs of separated employees. We would also stress that our senior consultants, including our CEO, provide hands-on counselling throughout our Program.

Many are also members of APEGGA and other professional organisations, which provide a strong information network. Our consultants are highly trained as counsellors, and many of them are successful business people with a diversity of career experience to draw on when providing counselling assistance.

These Consultants work with us, and many for over 15 or 20 years.

Active Employment Involvement

Assistance in locating employment by developing an active, marketable and effective career plan that achieves results;

Employees can re-define their Career Transition Programs.

Subject to our professional judgement, we allow employees to redefine their career transition programs within the existing pricing parameters. We believe programs should not be dictated to employees but customized to suit their specialized needs.

We also pay special attention to people with entrepreneurial dispositions. We provide “small business” seminars in a group setting, while our Senior Consultants assist individuals in a practical way, helping in the registration procedures for a new company, GST, and other matters.

We provide follow-up support even after an individual has successfully continued their career.

As a general policy, when an employee finds new employment or otherwise continues their career before the time their assistance package has expired, we will continue to provide services (for example, career counselling or spousal assistance) if they so desire.

Progress Reports

These regular reports keep clients apprised of their former employee’s progress.

Pricing Advantages

Competitive, flexible, multi-level, and group discounts.

Keep in mind that these special features are not written in stone. As in every service we offer, we constantly re-evaluate and update according to the needs of our clients. In striving for excellence, Advantage Tech will always keep an eye to the reality of our business – helping people in real life situations make the most of their career transition.

Likewise, when we help with corporate staff relocations, we also provide assistance to the spouse and family members

Tax Deductibility

Advantage Tech is unique in that it has been recognized by Canada’s Minister of Employment & Immigration by certifying the firm as an educational institution under the Canadian Income Tax Act.

This means that your costs are tax-deductible, for individuals as well as for corporate clients.

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