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Advantage Tech Inc works with
Corporate Relocation Specialists, providing

Spousal Relocation & Career Counselling

Workforce mobility: to transfer employees and their families to a new location

At Advantage Tech Inc., our Career Transition Team works closely with Relocation Specialists to support a successful transition for employees provided with work opportunities throughout North America, be it a different city, province, or state. We recognize that when an employee has a work opportunity and also a career / working spouse, they may decline an offered relocation unless their employer offers spousal support for re-employment at the new location. This support must be both effective and provide personalization to the needs of the individual, their industry, and their level of work responsibility.

We understand how a quality employee relocation effects employee engagement, retention and performance. We also recognize that such a program, often part of the Human Resources responsibility, is often a very large corporate expense. Our Spousal Relocation services are cost- effective and with a track record of success in helping a spouse secure a new position more quickly than when acting alone; even in difficult markets. It also frees the corporately-relocated individual from being actively involved in that process, and thereby taking a fully supportive role in their spouse’s transition.

We teach in powerful ways why the spouse needs to (and can) present as an Upper Five Percent quality applicant. Since 80% of the job-hunting effort is marketing; and while individuals cannot change their past, they can dramatically improve how they communicate it.

We also understand cultural differences and have developed effective ways of presenting experiences in other countries and cultures in a way that makes it easy for local employers to properly (and favourably) value those experiences in the local job market. We have worked with ex-pats returning to Canada, facilitating the return of their spouses after extended overseas service, and a significantly-changed job market back home.

Advantage Tech Inc. has provided its Career Transition Services (used to be “Outplacement” and then “Relocation Counselling” and when the term was confused with Relocation Services, became “Career Transition Counselling”) for well almost four decades. We utilize specialized internal technology to support job searching on the Internet, combined with Social Media savvy, all coupled with our immense network of industry contacts to accelerate success in re-employment.

We work with Relocation services firms, with corporate Human Resources departments with national and international companies and Crown corporations. Give us a call for a discussion of how are services can help with your important relocations and transfers.

We have worked with individuals from Australia, France, Great Britain, South Africa, Singapore, and USA make their transitions to Canada, as well as countless individuals relocating across Canada to Calgary or to Alberta.

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