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Sam Travis in the SunLife Atrium


Our commitment to research and development assures that all our consultants are able to provide state-of-the-art recommendations. We consistently exceed our clients’ expectations while providing quality cost effective human resources services.


Our consultants are independent from your organization and therefore can bring valuable objectivity to decisions crucial to your business success. We focus on obtaining an in-depth understanding of our clients´ situation, strategic plan and the issues facing an organization to be successful in today’s environment.

Comprehensive Services

Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures solutions that consider all aspects and implications of a problem, not isolated segments. Our structure is designed to ensure leading edge process through a synergy of team values with unique individual expertise.



Our consultants are highly skilled and trained professionals, many having years of practical staff, management and corporate experience in the industries we support.
Your consulting assignment is handled only by senior individuals knowledgeable in their designated areas. We are a trusted and respected key management resource enhancing our clients´ competitive capability and future success.

Industry Specialization

Our training and senior-level work experience have enabled us to develop expertise in a wide array of industries, as well as with governments and other organizations. We are proud of our unique ability to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of our clients´ business, culture and demanding environment.


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