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Corporate Career Transition 
Helping companies mitigate their responsibility
to workers when downsizing.
And keeping remaining staff motivated.

What We Do For You

When companies, businesses or organizations are doing career transition, downsizing, outplacement, or layoffs (these all mean the same thing from an organization’s perspective), we help organizations mitigate their responsibility to workers when downsizing.


  • Advise Employer managers about the exit interview
  • Properly counsel staff
  • Help them through the transition
  • Help realize the value of their training, experience, and accomplishments
  • Rebuild their confidence to quickly get on their feet to begin their job hunting process and find new employment.

Employee Transitions & Outplacement

Advantage Tech Inc provides organizations a variety of services to assist transitioning employees to help them find career success,

How do we support your departing employees?

We  work with your organization to create a customized program to support transitioning employees. This is delivered through a blend of one-on-one coaching, group classes, technology-enabled support, and virtual meetings. These programs  typically  include the following services:

  • Dealing with the transitions shock
  • Financial counselling
  • Career coaching
  • Career assessments
  • Leadership assessments
  • Developing a personal “brand”
  • Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn profile development
  • Online job search
  • Job search strategy
  • Cover letter writing
  • Keeping motivated during the job search process
  • Interview preparation and skills coaching
  • Salary planning & negotiating
  • Negotiation support

Clients have unlimited access to our online resources until they land in a new role and beyond.

First-rate online support since 1995

We have had online training job hunting courses, job hunting resources with video conferencing LONG before the advent of COVID… we can handle transitioning employees across Canada, and we have done so around the world.

Benefit of Outplacement / Career Transition Services

Liability Protection

Outplacement services ensure a smooth transition for departing employees to  mitigate potential legal liability and any legal action directed against you as the  employer.

Brand Management

Providing helpful and supportive outplacement services can help protect a positive brand image for your company. This positive reputation provide  benefits including increased job satisfaction by your remaining employees, and helping with future recruitment.

Retain Positive Relationships

You may wish to rehire former employees in a better market, so  setting them up for future success ensures a healthy relationship

Maintain Employee Productivity

Layoffs can create a negative work environment and can de-motive your remaining workforce. Creating a supportive atmosphere for departing employees helps keep things positive for everyone.

Reduce Unemployment Period

Career coaching, resume writing, job search help, and interview preparation can help people return to the workforce faster.

How can Advantage Tech Inc streamline your organization’s Career Transition Programs?

How Career Transition Counselling can Benefit Employers in a Down Economy

Career Transition Counselling provides positive benefits for retained staff who see departing employees treated compassionately, which improves productivity.

Also, our clients recognize that our assistance reduces the time a separated employee remains unemployed, reducing litigation risk is greatly reduced, by mitigating the employee’s time to secure another position  (maybe an even better  one).

Spouses of those affected are also covered

Since we view career decisions as part of the family process, we also provide FREE career counselling for the spouse.  Often the entire family is affected by career transition.

Quite simply, you´ll have trouble finding comparable programs offered in the marketplace. For the employee, the stress of being unemployed with all of its attendant issues involving family is greatly alleviated.

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