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(403) 237-8855      Realizing Your Undeveloped Potential

Advantage Tech works with the Milestone Asset Management & the Truesdale Financial Group to provide a number of Financial Planning Consulting services to both individuals and corporations. We coach our clients to articulate and realize their financial goals by taking a holistic approach to wealth management. In this capacity, each client receives a written document that provides in-depth analysis and recommendations in the following areas:

Net Worth Analysis

    • diversification of family assets
    • tax efficient debt structure
    • benchmarking for accumulation

Severence Package Strategies

    • Tax minimization of payout
    • Analysis and recommendation of package options

Tax Planning

    • maximization of deductions and deferrals
    • income splitting structures
    • trusts
    • tax effective portfolio management


Risk Management

    • analysis for life and disability insurance coverage
    • analysis of group benefits


Estate Planning

    • tax efficient transfer of wealth
    • effective Power of Attorney and Will
    • family trusts


Retirement Planning

    • pension plan analysis
    • specific retirement projections
    • tax effective withdrawal of assets


Education Analysis

    • accumulation strategies
    • tax efficient funding options


Portfolio Management

    • individualized asset allocation strategies
    • construction and ongoing monitoring of portfolios
    • discretionary money management
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