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Career Transition Counselling since 1980

Preparing people for an even better career

… when the path ahead is not always obvious

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Career transition services since 1980

We’ve served hundreds of companies

and thousands of individuals….

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Executive & Management Coaching

… Enhancing your people

Enhancing business results

Calgary’s Complete Career Transition & Human Resource Services

Our Focus is on Career Transition Counselling (which we pioneered in Calgary, in 1980, 40 years ago), Executive Coaching, and Executive Resume Reviews.

Advantage Tech Inc. and its Principal, Samuel L.Travis, J.D., LL.M., CPHR pioneered Career Transition Counselling services in Calgary. Originally, to the Oil & Gas sector and, subsequently, to a wide variety of industries and government entities. Over the years, AdvantageTech has also expanded its offering of Human Resources consulting services.

Our Career Transition Team works closely with Relocation Specialists to support a successful transition for employees provided with work opportunities throughout North America, be it a different city, province, or state. Our full range of Relocation Services includes spousal counselling and relocation assistance.

Advantage Tech Inc. is headquartered in Calgary, and with affiliates and associates with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, as well as around the USA and Mexico.


Why Use Advantage Tech for Career Transition? - CLICK to download brochure
Why Use Advantage Tech for Career Transition?
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“TWO THINGS that we’ve been doing BETTER than anybody else, and LONGER than anybody else:
Career Transition Counselling, and
Executive/Management Coaching
Samuel (Sam) Travis
Three Top Services

Career Transition Counselling

Career Transition Programs including career counselling, career planning, career coaching and mentorship provided to all employees on an individual basis. Leading edge technology in career assessment and planning is also available. We provide high quality search tools to clients on our in-house network, accessible from any Internet computer around the world.

There are FOUR PHASES to  Career Transition:

1) Dealing with the Transition-Shock (financial, emotional, and family)
2) Outlook and Planning, and starting the re-write of your resume. Identifying opportunities and challenges.
3) Social Media & Linked In, and ways to manage the job hunt.
4) Handling Interviews and Salary Negotiation, to get the job you want and deserve

100 percent that fully utilize our Career Transition Programs are successful. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Professional Business Coaches are Strategic Business Partners that facilitate enhanced business results. Some Advantage Tech Inc. Business Coaches are also qualified as Mentors who provide advice, guidance and support for the purpose of personal, professional, spiritual or life growth showing their protégés “the ropes”. Other Advantage Tech Business Coaches are also qualified as Life Skills or Personal coaches who collaborate with their clients in an interactive working partnership to assist the coaches in clarifying life expectations.

Our coaches are supported by state-of-the-art industrial and psychological assessment tools including 360 Degree Feedback technology if you –an individual, or as a corporation– do not ensure that your expertise and human capital is being utilized to add value to a person, project or company, then you are at risk of becoming economically extinct in the marketplace. 

Corporate  Relocations

Advantage Tech Inc has been providing Employee Relocation with Spousal Relocation as part of our programs since 1980.

When considering work opportunities to a different city, province, or state, we recognize that when an employee has a work opportunity and also a career / working spouse, they may decline an offered relocation unless their employer offers spousal support for re-employment at the new location.

We work with the spouse to present as an Upper Five Percent quality applicant, and find a corresponding ideal position in the new community.

Tax Deductible for Individuals

Advantage Tech is unique in that it has been recognized by Canada’s Minister of Employment & Immigration by certifying the firm as an Educational Institution under the Canadian Income Tax Act. This means that costs are tax-deductible for individuals as well as for corporate clients

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