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Time for your ANNUAL LinkedIn review

By Mark Ruthenberg, Advantage Tech  Inc. and TransCanada FoundLocally Inc. Many folks misunderstand LinkedIn and assume its only for job hunting (and may have even used it for just that!) but it’s developed into much more… It’s now a great tool for building  teams, assessing teams, and doing “due diligence” on business deals. If your LinkedIn profile has not been updated (or you…

Corner Brook9 steps to take right now if you’ve been laid off

9 steps to take right now if you’ve been laid off

At this moment, your job prospects may seem bleak, but you can still take purposeful steps toward your next role. A few weeks ago, everything may have felt stable in your career. Now, with the coronavirus outbreak continuing to have a tremendous human and economic impact, you’ve suddenly been given the unfortunate news: You’re getting laid off. Suddenly, you’re left…

Five Excel Skills Employers seek

Five Excel skills employers are looking for (and how to learn them)

We found this National Post story: Many middle-skill positions and high-paying jobs start with a solid foundational understanding of Microsoft Excel, including these  top Excel skills: Advanced Formulas and Functions Pivot Tables Graphs and Charts Basic Macros Conditional Formatting These five skills, in particular, are among some of the most in-demand ones employers look for in relation to Excel. By…

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