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Advantage Tech Inc. and its Principal, Samuel L.Travis have provided Career Transition Counselling services since 1980. Over the years, we have helped thousands of individuals transitioning from hundreds of companies (Many of whom have since dissappeared, or been absorbed, in the intervening years).

Here is a small sample of over 400 unsolicited recommendations and testimonials we have received over the years.

The bolded excerpts from these testimonials are scattered around the rest of our website.

Sorted by Name

Advantage Tech provided excellent support, from preparation of my resume to preparing me for interviews while paying attention the minutest details…often worked beyond the call of duty
1998: Tarragon Oil & Gas – Andre G. (Manager)

It is a better company, better position, and definitely better salary!!! So, I am happy about the outcome
2000: Pipetronix – Andrew D. (Mechanical Designer)

coaching and mentoring and courses provided me with the abilities to produce professional documents that are eye catching and succinct… financial concerns are also looked after and counseling received on the best use of this scarce resource
1996: Canadian Western Natural Gas. – Art Z. (Supervisor)

The level of service and professionalism I received was first class
1996: Canadian Turbo – Bill R. (Vice-President)

..of great benefit to finalize my dealings with my previous employer, and also to set my career along a new path.
1999: TCPL – Bob D. (Director, Project Engineering)

…group and private sessions on finances, stress management, the job search process, and interview preparation..
1996: Norcen Energy – Bob I. (Production Engineer)

AdvantageTech would be my first choice for similar services should the need arise.
1996: Jordan Petroleum – Bob M. (Senior Geologist)

…developing an efficient job search strategy and effective interviewing skills, and… identification of new skill requirements. AdvantageTech help to maintain confidence and to increase self-awareness
1996: Norcen Energy – Bob N. (Evaluations Advisor)

Since I had been on the market sixteen months earlier, my resume was relatively easy to update but the guidance you gave me preparing my Professional Profile was invaluable…. Helped me to react with confidence.
1999: SMED International – Brian I. (Industrial Engineer)

I was relieved to hear that the AdvantageTech approach to outplacement was to move forward with the identification of new opportunities from day one, rather than adhere to a rigid process of resume preparation
1999: Nova Gas Transmission – C L. (Gas Marketing)

The extra HR advice from our connections and insight into the corporate scene in Calgary and other places is added touch of value. Your references to outside resources such as financial and business, I found to be of similar high quality.
1999: Nova Gas Transmission – Cal O. (Business Development Manager)

Thanks so much for all your support and advice. It’s been a real pleasure working with you.. The best 100 hours I’ve spent!
: Carewest – Carl C. (Director)

I was relieved to hear that the AdvantageTech approach to outplacement was to move forward with the identification of new opportunities from day one, rather than adhere to a rigid process of resume preparation
1999: Weatherford Compression – Carol P. (Gas Marketing)

You’ll never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you’ve shown
1999: Weatherford Compression – Carol P. (Manager)

Given the current climate of our business world, the service that you provide are becoming more and more necessary. In addition, the information provided concerning legal and financial matters aided greatly in calming the transition waters and allowed a person to focus on the job of finding a job.
1996: Tarragon Oil & Gas – Colin m. (Senior Geologist)

The professional resume review and support to my business plan were also greatly appreciated…[my company] evolved to be a to quality supplier of Engineering Services.
1999: Nova Gas Transmission – Dan R. (Process Leader)

Thanks for all your help in my Job Search… please call me if you’re in the area.
1996: Red Deer Regional Hospital – Dana S. (Director, Education Resources)

I chose AdvantageTech… from recommendations of former colleagues and friends that utilized your services and highly regarded in during their search
1999: Union Pacific Resources – Dean S. (Operations Coordinator)

The coaching and advice I received… were in many instances crucial in my efforts to communicate in a professional and effective manner an in pursuing opportunities as they arose.
1999: Superior Propane – Donald B. (Vice President)

I have had occasion to engage in Advantage Tech’s services in assessment of staff and recently used the outplacement services personally. I will not hesitate to hire them again.
1996: Canadian Airlines – Doug B. (Vice President)

Everyone at Advantage Tech…made my time search for new employment less stressful and a valued leaning experience….and excellent place to start their job search.
1996: Strike Energy – Douglas M. (Sr Geophysicist)

invaluable advice on resume preparation, networking, and other job search techniques, More important, they were always available to discuss opportunities and strategies.
1996: BumperDevelopment – Duane D. (Executive Vice President)

I quickly cam to place a high vale on your advice…and your complete willingness to assist me personally
1996: TransAlta Utilities Corp – Spousal Training – Elain J. (Sr Human Resources Advisor)

Your advice was very useful, particularly with respect to preparation of the resume and reference list, preparation for an interview, and keeping the search going
1999: TCPL – Gary W. (Solicitor)

very helpful… in getting me reoriented and refocussed towards getting back on track with my career
1996: Norcen Energy – George K. (Vice President)

The fact that I am able to pursue this opportunity is due in part to the advice, the counsel I received from you how to properly “market” myself.
1999: TCPL – Gerry R. (Commerical Specialist)

During the transition period, I klearned a lot about myself…feel good about myself and helped me build my confidence to get back into the “game”
1999: TCPL – Gordon P. (Director, Financial Management)

The job search programs developed by yourslevs have proven very effective and…applying more and more to my job and personal life.
1999: TCPL – Honory B. (Senior Project Manager)

For me personally, as a geologist, your service was crucial… with the Geological background and you the legal expertise.
1996: Norcen Energy – Jin L. (Senior Geologist)

You were a great team, and you all contributed to my question in many different ways–particularly in just being there to talk to. I will recommend Advantage Tech to any of my colleagues without any hesitation!
-Gas: CU-Gas – John R. (Senior Systems Analyst)

the information and assistance provided by you and your team is a wonderful resource which already proven to be very helpful….
1994: Norcen Energy – Katharine C. (Secretary)

exceptionally helpful and conciliatory during what for me was a ver exciting and trying time. Your advice and Advantage Tech tools were very useful…
1997: Canadian Western Natural Gas – Kerry B. (Senior Engineer)

… after business hours to discuss details of my interviews…to assist me with correspondence
1996: Husky Oil – Kristie R. (Executive Secretary)

All along I had the dream to become an entrepreneur but not necessarily the self confidence to execute this vision…I was motivated to tackle a new challenge
1994: Weston Bakeries – Larry G. (Financial Manager-Western Canada)

Support and encouragement were readily available especially during the “down times” of my search, when I needed assistance the most…
1997: CP Rail – Relocation – Linda N. (Spousal Relocation)

Excellence lies not in doing one thing well but in doing everything superbly.
1996: Gulf Canada – Lois M. (Senior Technical Advisor)

My main focus with AdvantageTech was to build a business plan… with some coaching from you and your staff, my business plan was successful in being approved,
1999: Nova Gas Transmission – Marcel R. (Performance Testing Technician)

Thank you for the exceptional services you and your staff provided me with my search for employment
1996: Gulf Canada – Mark G. (Completions Engineer)

My impressions of your services…appear to be first rate
1995: Gulf Canada – Marline B. (Advisor, Business Process Design)

Thanks for all your support, advice and for being a good friend.
1998: TransAlta Utilities – Mary G. (Director Human Resources)

I was most impressed by the care and attention I received during and after my assigned timeframe. I would recommend AdvantageTech to any company….
1996: Norcen Energy – Maydelin N. (Marketing Analyst)

…advice and encouragement in a time when I began to doubt my abilities and skills… I believe that the services you provided are ‘value added’
1999: Kraft Canada – Michael F. (Marketing Manager)

Yesterday I celebrated one of the most important days of my life… It is because of people like you who have their support and guidance that I was able to secure this position.
1999: – Morgan B. ()

I wish to commend AdvantageTech for the very valuable and unparalleled service provided by their organization.
1996: Canadian Western Natural Gas – Nalralia F. (Systems Analyst)

Advantage Tech was extremely helpful in my job transition. The staff was very professional supportive and demonstrated dedication and serious attention in my job search.
1999: TCPL – Nancy M. (Accounting Supervisor)

The service, advice, and coaching were first rate right down to the smallest details, like optimum business attire prior to an important interview.
1993: Poco Petrolleum – Paul L. (Petroleum Marketing Manager)

I was also very grateful for the extra time you afforded me which went well beyond my contract.
1996: HuskyOil – Paula W. (Compensation Analyst)

Within one week of leaving…my resume and Profile were ready and within three weeks I had an offer…all achieved with the superb support of Sam Travis….recommend strongly
1993: Norcen Energy – Raj P. (Manager, Crude Oil Marketing)

I really enjoyed the ability to discuss openly with them my strengths and career choices… they helped reacquaint me with my skills and transfer them to a resume helping me gain new employment
1996: Canadian Turbo – Ray K. (Advertising Coordinator)

You have a talent at making people feel good about themselves.
1998: Carma Developers – Rick C. (Director of Marketing & Sales)

I thank Husky for having chosen to provide me sith outplacement services of AdvantageTech… I am fortunate, indeed, to be in the company of such caring people and organizations.
1995: AltaGenetics – RK M. ()

a well-seasoned system of interview preparation and training including pre-requisite career direction and resume preparation exercises
1999: TCPL – Roy T. (Process Re-engineer)

the staff were easily accessible and provided individual attention… The seminars on financial planning, job searches and telephone techniques were helpful, they psychological tests offered were also useful in reassessment of goals.
1996: Husky Oil – Shelin C. (Senior Engineer, Heavy Oil)

Advantage Tech’s philosophy that they do not want “just find a job” for their clients, but rather help a person plan and develop the career that is best for them, so they have he best chance for success.
1996: Jordan Petroleum – Steve C. (Junior Exploitation Engineer)

You can now include me in your success statistics…the resume instruction is excellent, though I feel I benefitted most from the interview techniques work.
1996: CP Rail – Spousal Program – Streve W. (Metallurgical specialist)

thank you for your help – the staff were wonderful and the support is appreciated.
1996: Norcen Energy – Susan H. (Senior Crude Oil & NGL Trader)

I started with the company… and am now a part owner in the company…where I can further my engineering career in the area of project management.
1999: Nova Gas Transmission – Susan S. (Team Leader)

We (my husband and I) found many helpful suggestions and guidelines on resume writing and especially enjoyed the entrepreneurial test. Since my transition from TCPL, my husband and I have opened our own restaurant and are enjoying the experience of being business owners.
2000: TCPL – Tracy G. ()

Thank you for your help over the past few months, I appreciated the efforts each of you made helping me with my transition.
1998: ATCO Gas – Troy R. (Manager, Planning)

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