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How To Handle The 3 Most Annoying Types Of Coworkers

How to handle the 3 most annoying types of coworkers

The top three pet peeves we have about our coworkers:

  1. Laziness: Nearly half (47%) of all respondents cited “lazy coworkers” as their biggest pet peeve. Who likes to carry their weight and the weight of someone else on a project?
  2. Bad attitudes: The second most popular answer from the survey was “bad attitudes,” with 42% of respondents citing it as a source of annoyance. This can be the toxic coworker who never has anything nice to say.
  3. Poor communication skills: The third most popular answer was “poor communication skills,” with 34% of respondents saying it frustrates them. No one wants to be told at the last minute about an urgent project nor do they want vague answers to questions.
How do you handle these types of co-workers?

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