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LinkedIn Blocked 21.6M Fake Accounts

LinkedIn blocked 21.6M fake accounts in first half of year

LinkedIn blocked 21.6M fake accounts in first half of year, as scrutiny of social media giants grows LinkedIn blocked or removed 21.6 million fake accounts on its platform from January to June of this year, a sign that the Microsoft-owned social network is actively fighting some of the same issues that have plagued Facebook, Twitter and others. In a blog…

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Woman Looking In Mirror

Some suggestions for New Year’s career resolutions you CAN KEEP

Lots of people make New year's resolutions that are so big and "life changing" they cannot possibly be kept. Here are several simple ones that are small incremental changes, that make you a better person, and a better colleague, and  not tough to keep: Be a better you 1. Be healthier at work Work toward better health in small ways:…

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Airbnb, On IPhone Screen

Airbnb ends forced arbitration for discrimination and harassment for staff

Airbnb Inc., following Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc. and Uber Technologies Inc., said it would not force employees who filed sexual harassment claims to settle those cases in private arbitration. Airbnb also said it would not require employees to use arbitration in cases involving discrimination, which includes racial, gender, religious and age inequity. That policy differs from some other companies…

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Bad background checks are more expensive than you think

The world of background checks is filled with dodgy dealings, fake references and illegal ‘white lies’.For Lee-Martin Seymour, CEO of Xref, his entire life’s work has come down to improving and enhancing the way in which organizations conduct background checks on potential new hires. And it’s a mission he takes very personally. Read Full article

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Cannabis Products

Bill 36: How to deal with impairment at work

Following the legalization of recreational cannabis, many employers are still confused about how to manage the drug in the workplace. Bill 36 looks at who can buy and sell marijuana – but also where you can smoke it. “When it comes to recreational use of cannabis in the workplace, the issue is safety,” explained Lorenzo Lisi, partner at Aird &…

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Marc Benioff, CEO Of Salesforce CBS NEWS eliminated gender pay gaps

In 1960 women made (on average) 60 cents for every dollar a man made, and 40 years later it was up to 70 cents, and very recently it's up to about 80 cents.  The last bit is very tough to completely solve. The World Economic Forum suggested it would take ONE HUNDRED YEARS... has managed to eliminate gender pay…

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What To Know About Employee Buyout Packages

What to know about employee buyout packages

TORONTO - What would you do if offered a voluntary severance package: celebrate, cry or crunch the numbers? Leaving a job can be an emotional experience, but it pays to remain calm and check out the options in a systematic way before making a decision. "What's right is going to be different for each person, depending on where they are…

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